Welcome to the BANG (Business And National Government) Business Continuity and Resilience Group. Our focus is to provide relevant industry information and resources to help create a more Resilient World.

BANG (Business and Government) Business Continuity and Resilience Group

BANG was set up in 2006 initially in London, for Business Continuity and Resilience professionals to meet and share information and experiences.

BANG is a FREE to join membership that provides information, resources, education, training and industry papers on Business Continuity and Resilience issues.

BANG currently has 9 locations across the world. These include; London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Scotland, Dublin, New York, Sydney and Qatar – all focused on improving knowledge and awareness in the Continuity and Resilience environment.

In 2010 the BANG Chair and the University of Liverpool published a 3 year study on Business Continuity Management (BCM). Its main findings and recommendation was that this subject matter needed to change and that practitioners should now be developing a “Resilience Model”.

However, although resilience has been recognised by Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations across the world, there continued to be a limited training and data available for this subject matter area. This led to a lack of trust regarding current knowledge, and as such both corporate and practitioners had limited visibility on the available information.

BANG is the fastest growing organisation for professionals in its sector.

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The BANG Team




Here are our Committee Members for BANG

Chair – Steve Yates

Linkedin: Steve Yates LinkedIn

01 Steve Yates Steve is an Independent Resilience Consultant with extensive experience in both commercial and public sector organisations. Steve has been responsible for delivering Resilience Solutions across the world, including being the lead in delivery of Risk and Continuity roadmap for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. He has also been responsible for Incident Management, Emergency Planning, ICT Disaster recovery and Crisis Management roles throughout his career.


Vice Chair – Terry Downing
LinkedIn: Terry Downing LinkedIn

Terry_Downing Terry Downing is a business continuity, information security, systems engineering and IT professional, having BCS, DRI, BCI, Microsoft and CompTIA BCM and security certifications.



Committee Member – Patricia Vella
LinkedIn: Patricia Vella LinkedIn

Patricia Vella Patricia Vella is an independent consultant with considerable experience of all aspects involved in setting up and running business continuity, disaster recovery and security programmes.



Committee Member – Virag Shah
LinkedIn: Virag Shah LinkedIn

Virag Shah Virag Shah, is the Global Head of Business Continuity at Hitachi Data Systems.  Virag has 15 years plus international experience which covers Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Internal Audit & Risk Management.