BANG Groups are all over the World, from London to Sydney to New York. Each have their own LinkedIn group and some have their local meetings.

The following is a list of ALL the current BANG LinkedIn groups. Select the right ones that are relevant for you and request to join the groups.

If you feel you are in a location not represented by our current groups and wish to start a new BANG group location then email us at and we will be in touch to help you set up your BANG group.

  1. BANG General:
  2. BANG London:
  3. BANG Scotland:
  4. BANG Manchester, UK:
  5. BANG Leeds, UK:
  6. BANG Bristol, UK:
  7. BANG New York:
  9. BANG Dublin:
  10. BANG Sydney:

Thank you to all our current members and groups for your continued commitment.


BANG Chair