Speaker – Gill Hunt

Date – 21 November 2018

Location – Bangers, 2-12 Wilson Street, London, EC2M 2TE

Time – 17.30 – 20.30 hrs



This will be the final BANG event and will be held in conjunction with our Annual Charity Auction.


The IT industry has spent much time and effort trying to come up with better ways to run IT projects, but just as no driver can prevent someone else crashing into them, no project manager can prevent external forces from crashing into a project.

Our speaker, Gill Hunt, has spent much of the last 20 years investigating ‘car crash’ projects from minor bumps in web site developments to the full on pile-up that was the NHS Programme for IT and has first hand knowledge of just how badly project failures and disputes can disrupt an organisation.

So what should you do if you see a pile up approaching and what action should a responsible organisation take to avoid turning a minor prang into a disaster?

GILL HUNT is a highly skilled and experienced consultant with a reputation for providing sound, strategic commercial and technical advice in a variety of industry sectors including retail, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare and IT services. Gill’s early career with major software vendors gave her a grounding in a range of technical and business skills, exposure to clients businesses from luxury car manufacturers & government departments to niche IT suppliers and corner shops. She also has a deep understanding of the software, IT services and consulting industries.

She now works primarily as an expert witness acting for clients and suppliers in disputes relating to e-commerce systems, ERP, Business Intelligence and other systems, usually assessing causes of delay, fitness for purpose, assessment of procurement processes and analysis of software quality.

Alongside her expert practice Gill continues to work on live IT projects and update her technical skills. This work has included project management of an ERP implementation, due diligence of a variety of IT infrastructures for M&A and the development of an e-commerce website, various database applications and mobile Apps.

Gill’s commercial and contractual experience coupled with her technical knowledge and communication skills make her a valuable independent voice who can empathise with business leaders while clearly articulating the challenges involved in dealing with any anticipated or actual dispute.


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Note: This replaces the event scheduled for 31 October.

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