On 12th December 2017 – one of our BANG Members – Toby Gould will be setting off to row the Atlantic in aid of mental health charities. Toby is doing this for two reasons, 1) for the personal challenge of rowing an ocean and 2) to raise awareness of, and funding for mental health.

Toby says “To my mind the two go together perfectly. I view rowing the Atlantic as a mental challenge even more so than a physical challenge. There is of course the constant battle with exhausted muscles, salt sores in all the wrong places, and coping with the physical extremes that the row will inflict. But the sleep deprivation, leaving loved ones behind, the fear of what lies ahead and more to the point what lies beneath, all add up to what I know will be the hardest mental challenge I’ve ever faced.”

Toby is looking for help in recruiting more partners / corporate sponsors to help them get to the start line. This is obviously an amazing task he has ahead of him and we encourage anything that can – to contact Toby and give some support and help to this great cause.

Here is an overview of the challenge and sponsorship packages available (HtaR Sponsorship Package) and an invitation (HTaR Rowing Dinner 7 Sept 2017) to a fundraising dinner at Trinity House on 7th September 2017.

The Heads Together and Row website can be found here: Click Here

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